Five Crowns

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Age:  8+2-7 PlayersFun for the whole familyTakes 40-60 minutes to play Five Crowns® is a card game for the whole family

Because Five Crowns has five Royal Families -- the Stars, the Clubs, the Hearts, the Spades and the Diamonds -- yes, five suits in the old usage, it allows a more equal chance of making a book or a run, effectively giving each player more possibilities to readjust their hand so as to go out

Each of the Royal Families is portrayed in original art and has its own colors

Five Crowns reg is a fast paced, ingenious new game in eleven rounds

It has original game play, but uses skills that you have obtained from playing your old favorites like Hearts, Spades and Rummy

The play starts with three cards and the 3s are wild the next hand has four cards and the 4s are wild...

Working up to the last hand when the Kings are wild